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DJ Tom McFall/Owner

DJ Tom McFall's first gig happened while he was in the 6th grade, working a high school dance. He has enjoyed being an entertainer ever since. Throughout the years the formats have changed from vinyl records to cassettes to CDs and MP3s. Music quality has never been higher and so easy to enjoy. When it's time to select your DJ, it's all about the personality of the person behind the equipment.

When it comes to people, DJ Tom doesn't look at his position as a job. Instead, it is an opportunity to make people happy. "Nothing in life feels better than to see others smile. We all work hard and when the chance comes to relax and have fun, everyone deserves to enjoy those moments."

Professionalism is a full-time mission for Blue Ribbon Entertainment Service. Meeting with DJ Tom McFall will allow you to feel great about choosing us to handle all of your entertainment needs.


About Us

Are you looking for a DJ for your wedding or event? Perhaps you need an emcee and/or audio system for a corporate function. Blue Ribbon Entertainment Services is ready to handle all of your entertainment needs.

Beginning with the very best professional grade equipment, we have invested in high-quality sound, staging and lighting. At Blue Ribbon Entertainment Services, your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are a full-time dedicated business making sure every event, especially yours, is a success.

Please call for a free, no obligation quote today. We are also available for an in-person interview to determine how best we can prepare and care for your entertainment needs.

We look forward to speaking with you. DJ NH MA
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